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You’re Covered for Every HR Challenge That Comes Your Way

What is BizAssure and why do we offer it to our clients?

You’ve got an important business to run and its more challenging than ever in the current regulatory climate.  Whether you are a young and growing company or an established organization with hundreds of employees, our job is to make sure you have what you need—even when it includes some comprehensive HR services and information.

In our 75 years of experience, we’ve determined that HR services are often the most vital, next to taking care of your business risks and insurance.

We’ve teamed up with BizAssure, the premiere HR consulting service that will provide the most up to date HR solutions your business has to regularly tackle.  The HR professionals at BizAssure have the most extensive experience in the field and will help you take care of your HR tasks and give you the help you need every step of the way.

All Snapp clients have access to BizAssure

As our valued client, you have access to BizAssure.  This means you can take advantage of all the HR services they offer, including consultation on labor laws, OSHA and safety regulations, pre-employment testing, employee handbook reviews, disaster recovery plans, and much more.

BizAssure gives you the full spectrum of HR Solutions.  Here’s what to expect:

  • Human Resource Consultations
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Organizational & Strategic Planning
  • Browser Based HR Administration Programs
  • Training, Education Tools & Assistance
  • OSHA Specific Education & Resources
  • Labor Law Consultations
  • Workers’ Compensation Assistance
  • General Legal and Contract Review
  • Expense Reduction Opportunities
  • Caliper and other Pre-employment Testing

Do You Have an HR Question That Needs to be Answered Quickly?

BizAssure will give you expert advice and a quick answer to anything about employment and labor laws.

 Here are some of the common questions you might have and the problems you might have to solve:

  • Do you have to perform a background check or do you have a question about a current employee? BizAssure will let you know your legal bounds in hiring or terminating an employee.
  • Do you want to know how to plan for a natural disaster and ensure the safety of your employees? BizAssure will help you develop a comprehensive safety plan and collaborate with you on a holistic approach to safety.
  • Do you know which employee forms you need and where to find them? BizAssure has all the forms you need and you don’t need to spend the time tracking them down from all of the government agencies.
  • We need to develop an Employee Handbook—how do we get started?  An employee handbook is the best safeguard to protect against employee lawsuits and government agencies and BizAssure will help you with the process.

*Most services are complimentary and those charged services come with substantial discounts.

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Human Resource ConsultationsOrganizational & Strategic PlanningTraining, Education Tools & AssistanceLabor Law ConsultationsGeneral Legal and Contract ReviewCaliper and other Pre-Employment TestingEmployee Handbook ReviewBrowser Based HR Administration ProgramsOSHA Specific Education & ResourcesWorkers' Compensation AssistanceExpense Reduction Opportunities


A Full Spectrum of Business Consulting Services Including:

Human Resource Consultations

Organizational & Strategic Planning

Training, Education Tools & Assistance

Labor Law Consultations

General Legal and Contract Review

Caliper and other Pre-Employment Testing

Employee Handbook Review

Browser Based HR Administration Programs

OSHA Specific Education & Resources

Workers’ Compensation Assistance

Expense Reduction Opportunities

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