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High Valued Estate Insurance

Let’s Protect Your High Valued Estate

Cover your luxury real estate and valuables

You may have considerable wealth invested in your home and furnishings. A typical homeowners policy might not be suitable for this type of luxury estate. If you have a high value estate containing expensive contents, furnishings, and valuables, you may need special insurance to cover these in the case of damage or loss.

For high-end homes, there are unique circumstances that put you and your home into the high valued estate category. These include such things as non-resident guests and staff as well as having valuable items on display. In addition, you may own and display expensive luxury items such as antique stained glass windows, collector quality wines, and fine-woven rugs from Europe and other countries around the world.

What to expect for your coverage

If your home and your contents exceed the normal caps for standard home insurance carriers, this is the type of coverage you will need. This type of elite policy will ensure that you are fully covered for the actual value of your high-end items and that you will be able to rebuild your home, including custom detail and workmanship, in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe.

Let’s tailor your coverage

This type of insurance is unique and requires special knowledge from experienced insurance brokers. We will help you determine your needs as a high value property owner and we will provide you with the exclusive type of coverage you need.

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