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Restaurant & Hospitality Industry

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First, remember that the restaurant-hospitality industry has a very broad definition and includes many different classes of business. These include the small restaurants, bars and taverns that dot most local street corners all over San Diego. There are many types of risks in this category which is why it’s important to work with the right insurance company, with years of experience in this field.

What differentiates Snapp & Associates? We have a professional team that will provide the right combination of coverage, risk management and services that will keep your business safe and cost effective. With over 50 years of experience in this sector, our team knows the details and specific coverages that are key for the restaurant business. Restaurants have significant property exposures that should be addressed. These include kitchen-related fires, crime exposure with employee theft if cash receipts are high, on-premise liability from spoiled food and also from interaction between the serving staff and the customer.

Why is risk management important? It’s important for you to look beyond placing business for the lowest premium. In a soft market, there can be a tendency to put less emphasis on risk management because premiums are so low. But risk management should never be ignored, especially if you want to secure long-term insurability for your

Services Provided

Comprehensive policy review including general liability, property, epli, and worker’s compensation. We also have an exclusive bonus program for HR Benefits support for our clients called ThinkHR.

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