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Liability Insurance

Let’s protect your business from accidents and lawsuits

Keep your operations going when claims against your business happen 

You need to keep your business up and running, when a potential claim or lawsuit is filed against your business and employees.  This kind of insurance is just as important as protecting your physical business property.

Liability insurance helps to protect your business from property damage claims from your customers, bodily injury claims that could put your assets at risk.  When you’re covered for liability, you will protect your business from customer injuries, costly medical bills, and all other potentially devastating claims caused by accidents or negligence.

What to expect for your coverage

A Liability Insurance Policy typically protects you in case of bodily injury or property damage arising out of your operations or products.  It also protects against reputational harm, advertising errors, medical payments from on-premise accidents, and damage to your rented premises.

Let’s tailor your coverage

The amount and type of coverage depend on the kind of business you run.  We can tailor make what is most important to you and the amount of risk you want to plan for.

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