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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Let’s Protect Your Recreational Vehicle for all Your Outdoor Adventures

Cover your off-road vehicle, motor home, camper and any vehicle you take to the great outdoors

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, with a simple trailer or a high-end luxury motor home, you will want to be insured no matter what type of vehicle you plan to use. It’s important for you to know that a typical auto policy will not do the job to safeguard you and your vehicle should something happen on your trip.

The most critical thing to consider is that you will want to be covered for any sudden loss such as collision, fire, flood, landslide, windstorm, theft, animals, and lightning—just to name a few of the things that could happen. Whether your vehicle transports you or simply adds to your outdoor enjoyment, each one will need to have its own policy to safeguard you from unforeseen accidents and Mother Nature.

The leading insurance carriers will insure every recreational vehicle that you could possibly own, including: snowmobiles, dirt bikes, dune buggies, golf carts, ATVs, motor homes, campers, and 5th wheel travel trailers.

What to expect for your coverage

The leading insurance carriers will provide comprehensive coverage for any direct, sudden, and accidental loss. If you want additional coverage, that’s an option for you to take advantage of. For example, you might want total loss replacement for your brand new camper/trailer, emergency expense if your trip is cut short, and increased liability protection much like a homeowners policy.

Let’s tailor your coverage

The amount and type of coverage depends on your specific needs and the unique nature of the type of vehicle you plan to insure. The major insurance carriers have a wide variety of specialty policies that will give you the peace of mind you need while on your trip.

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