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Rental & Vacation Homes Insurance

Let’s Protect Your Rental and Vacation Homes

Cover your vacation home with a specialized policy

Vacation homes provide amazing getaways for you and your family—as well as income when you decide to rent them to others. Since they aren’t your primary residence, they need special coverage that is very different than a typical homeowners policy.

What to expect for your coverage

Vacation property and rental property insurance from our network of carriers provide coverage for accidental damage, liability, and loss as specified in your policy. You may choose a prepackaged policy or work with one of our brokers to prepare one that is customized and just right for you.

Let’s tailor your coverage

Whether you are renting your secondary home or using it as a vacation property for your family, this kind of property insurance requires special knowledge from experienced insurance brokers. We will help you determine your needs as a secondary property owner and we will provide you with coverage that is right for your unique use and ownership.

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