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Insurance can be a confusing and sometimes overwhelming topic, especially to a small family owned business where every penny we can save counts greatly. Snapp and Associates always has our best interests at heart, and we are thankful for their knowledge and commitment to us over the years and in the years to come.


Rachel Schneider, Accounting and HR Manager | Arrowhead
Although our regular attorney is fairly reasonable, the fees are still at a premium. Once I had to talk to one of her associates for review of an employment law contract and just that basic review cost me a few hundred dollars. Now, for fairly routine questions, I use my BizAssure consultant

Malari Steinberg, HR Manager | Good Time Design
Before we started using BizAssure through Snapp and Associates, legal and HR questions were handled in a one-off kind of fashion, with hours being incurred, individual managers dealing with issues and no way to plan expenses. Now, I am able to coordinate the questions and issues at all our locations and work with my single contact at Littler Mendelson, arranged through BizAssure.

Wendie Baker, Operations Manager and CFO | Helix Mechanical, Inc.
We originally selected Snapp and Associates because they had the best package of services available for a start-up company like us. We really only needed insurance to start with, but that has changed. As we grew over the last eight years, we needed more and more assistance and interaction went from maybe once a twice or month to get insurance certificates to needing one or two insurance certificates each day. Snapp has been there for us with great consistency and real service, and access to BizAssure has been invaluable as we have grown

Ben Price, First Vice President | Regents Bank, San Diego
As a leader in real estate lending, we work with a variety of clients, supporting them from concept to completion. I have worked with Snapp and Associates for many years and have come to rely upon their Construction Practice Group. Snapp and Associates consistently provides the type of integrity our bank expects and looks for when we work with other firms.

Tamra Cosner, Chief Financial Officer | P.A.C. Heating & Air Cond., Inc., Lakeside
I must compliment our Employee Benefits Account Manager and the entire Snapp team for all their efficiency and professionalism. Our company has been impressed with their outstanding customer service, reasonable rates and knowledge of the insurance field. We look forward to working with them for many more years!

Guillermo MacFarland, President | CBS Property Management, Chula Vista
For more than 30 years, the Snapp and Associates team has without fail served our insurance needs in a very professional and courteous manner. I consider them one of our greatest resources in our line of business.

Ty Hauter, Owner | Good Time Design, San Diego
As a long time business owner, I know there are always ways to get the best rate; however, it’s more important to build a relationship with a firm that is truly looking out for your interests and brings you ways to minimize your risk and save you money — Snapp and Associates are the perfect choice as our brokerage.

David A. Williams, President | Straight Line General Contractors, Inc., Oceanside
We have been with Snapp and Associates for 13 years and we have been extremely impressed with their customer knowledge and service. They continue to help our company grow and evolve in this every changing economy.

Pearl Meza, Bookkeeper | Frontier Fence, Escondido
For more than 13 years Snapp and Associates has provided our liability, auto and workers compensation insurance. They have always been there to answer any questions and quickly solve any problem. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking an insurance agent that they can trust and rely on.

Sandra Purczynski
, Chief Financial Officer | Crest Electric, Alpine
We are a small family business who has worked with Snapp and Associates for several years. Every day I get calls from other brokers and insurance companies, trying to get us to switch to them for our business coverage. I always politely decline their offers for a quote and tell them we are extremely happy with the company who handles ALL our insurance needs, and I don’t plan to change. The company takes care of us like we are their only clients.

Beth Parker, Visscher
 Director of Operations | ElliptiGO Inc., Solana Beach
Being that we are a small start-up business that is quickly growing, we don’t have a lot of time or resources to research solutions for our insurance needs. Snapp and Associates provides cost-effective solutions for where our business is, at any given moment.

Kay Hager
, Director of Operations | California Sub-Meters, San Diego
Even though our company is relatively small with less than 30 employees, Snapp and Associates serves our needs as if we were a Fortune 500 company! Snapp and Associates’ service has been and continues to be beyond compare to any other insurance service we have used in the nearly 25 years we’ve been in business. They are always proactive with keeping us up to date on changes to state and federal insurance laws and it is comforting to know that with everything else that it takes to run a business from stem to stern, I never have to give a second thought to our employee benefits and insurance, as Snapp and Associates is taking care of it!

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