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Fine Art Insurance
Let’s Protect Your Fine Art and Collectibles

Cover your fine art and treasured collectibles for their full value

If you are one of the country’s 90 million plus fine art collectors, chances are you are very diligent when it comes to insurance protection. You know the risks of being under-insured and how important it is insuring your fine collectibles against damage and loss—no matter if they are valued at less than $1 million or higher than $100 million.

When you have spent years collecting fine art, rare books, coins, antique tapestries, and the like, you want to make sure that your collectibles are covered under a specific fine art policy. Many collectors have made the huge financial mistakes when using a homeowner’s policy to protect their highly valued collections.

There is an important difference when a homeowner’s insurance policy is used to cover damage or loss to fine art. Under homeowners insurance, your collection is valued at actual cash value. On the other hand, your collectibles will be valued at their full collectible value if insured under a fine arts policy—which can turn out to be an enormous difference in terms of your final claim.

What to expect for your coverage

Fine arts policies will typically include coverage or all risks, covering items in transit and those stored outside your home. Some of the leading carriers will provide additional coverage benefits such as discounts for fire alarms and burglar alarms that are monitored and/or housed in specialized safes.

Let’s tailor your coverage

This type of insurance is unique and requires special knowledge from experienced insurance brokers. We will help you determine your needs as a fine arts collector and we will provide the unparalleled coverage that the leading carriers offer.

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