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Resources and Tools To Help You Re-Open Your Business

How can you get your business back up to speed?

Business owners have faced unprecedented challenges in the past months as COVID-19 shutdowns and limitations have crippled economies worldwide. Many companies were forced to shut down completely, while others had to shift rapidly to new models and operations to comply with local and state guidelines.

As we move into May, many states are beginning the slow process of gradually re-opening businesses. For small businesses that also means delving into a whole new world of issues you may never have had to consider, such as infection control, extended leave options and modified benefits.

A number of these new issues fall under the jurisdiction of HR or employee relations, a function traditionally not heavily staffed in smaller companies. Having direct access to HR expertise without a full department is vital during this transition. Snapp & Associates is proud to offer ThinkHR as part of its suite of services provided to clients at no charge.

One of the first steps with ThinkHR is the completion of a ‘score card’ for your business, gauging your level of readiness and assistance needed in key areas such as training and development, risk abatement, employee management and more.

In the coming weeks, ThinkHR will be hosting several webinars focusing on a number of topics, including a May 5 presentation discussing new standards and expectations for workplace health, safety and employee well-being.

ThinkHR has also created a comprehensive COVID-19 Crisis Response Center for business owners that is free at this time:

Beyond their information resource page, ThinkHR is a full service on-demand service that helps fill the gaps in key areas, more important than ever when you are looking for tools and information to help you get back up and running and navigating the “new normal”:

Trusted On-Call Advisors

Information is king right now — Especially information relating to dealing with specific or unique employment situations. ThinkHR’s certified advisors provide accurate, actionable advice from professionals with years of experience. These advisors also have the latest research and state/local guidelines in terms of what you need to do to stay in compliance for all health and safety codes.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

ThinkHR’s Workplace Pro is a modern, integrated suite of advanced HR knowledge and solutions that provides everything employers need to create and maintain a compliant and productive workplace.

The entire knowledge base is constantly updated to reflect COVID-19 issues, important regulatory changes and relevant citations to address any topic.

Employee Training on Procedures

Beyond a deep database of more than 200 current courses that help your business mitigate legal risk, maintain compliance and enhance employee engagement, ThinkHR is regularly adding content that deals with specific sanitation and health procedures that may be new to your overall training program. Users have access to an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to administer and track usage.

Compliance Tools

While much of the regulatory landscape remains fluid under COVID-19 restrictions, eventually state and local jurisdictions will generate new requirements and reporting forms for businesses across industries. Using a resource like ThinkHR allows your business quick access to up-to-date forms, checklists and tools that employers need to maintain compliance.

Employee Handbook and Benefits Document Creator

As your company evolves, you may find yourself needing an entirely new Employee Handbook with guidelines and regulations. You may also find yourself bringing in new staff as you either modify positions or replace employees that have sought other employment or even moved after this economic downturn.

Creating and maintaining an accurate Employee Handbook along with compliance plan documents and non-discrimination tests is time consuming and expensive. ThinkHR’s comprehensive, easy-to-use wizard simplifies and de-risks this work, especially as your needs change.

Using a service such as ThinkHR gives owners and managers access to a database of knowledge based on literally hundreds of thousands of questions across the business spectrum answered by expert consultants over the years, giving them an edge when it comes to getting back up to speed.

To learn more about how Snapp & Associates clients are benefitting from ThinkHR and how it may benefit your company, call us today at (619) 908-3100.

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