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Snapp Clients Now Enjoy Access to Train 321 Learning Management System

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For years, Snapp & Associates clients have benefitted from a number of ancillary and value-added services and amenities to enhance their overall bottom line. Now, Snapp is pleased to offer clients exclusive access to Train 321, an online Learning Management System with over 100 hospitality compliance courses, simplifying employee engagement, tracking, reporting and compliance so essential in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

As any business owner or manager knows, training and compliance are often huge components to your overall risk management picture.

Train 321 uses the latest technology to provide online customized and innovative training for all staff levels in any organization. The training can be accessed 24/7 from any computer, tablet or smart phone with an Internet connection, perfect for today’s mobile workplaces.

Below are a few highlights outlining all the ways this service can benefit your business:

Simplified: Any training that is overly complex to implement or for employees to access is doomed to fail. One positive outcome in a post-COVID world are the gains in remote learning and presentations along with a focus on maximizing technology. Your employees will be able to complete more training on terms and timelines that are conducive to both their and your schedules.

Customized: No two businesses have the same training and compliance (and insurance!) needs. Much like how Snapp brokers work with clients to design the right insurance coverages, Snapp clients are able to use Train 321 to build a training program that meets their specific requests, with individualized courses such as:

– Alcohol Safety

– Food Handler

– Sexual Harassment

– Licensing

– White Labeling

– Human Trafficking (how to spot potential victims in your establishment and protocols)

Certified: It’s not enough to just train your employees; you as the manager or owner has to ensure they are trained the right way. In an ever-changing legislative and regulatory world, it is far too easy to become lax and fall behind current requirements, potentially negating your training and increasing risk exposure. The Train 321 curriculum was created with a combined effort from the United Way (Division of Substance Abuse), a retired Captain of Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (ABT) and attorneys practicing in the hospitality industry, ensuring all training programs and coursework meet all current state and federal regulations, protecting your licenses.

Additional Depth: Beyond top-level courses such as Alcohol Safety and Bar Basics, Train 321 users can delve even deeper into their service area and benefit from very specific training courses designed to reduce workload on existing employees when it comes to training new staff. Samples of specialized training courses available include:

– Wine 101 and Beer 101

– Tequila

– American Ales/Porters and Stouts

– How to Open a Bottle of Wine

– Telephone Etiquette

– How to Conduct a Restaurant Safety Inspection

If you haven’t already done so, chat with your Snapp broker now to learn about Train 321 and getting your business access to this valuable added service!

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