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Snapp Entertainment Launches to Meet Unique Needs of Live Entertainment Industry

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Anyone who owns a business that serves the live entertainment market, be it a production company or an event or festival producer knows there are challenges and insurance needs unique to this space. Business owners often find themselves saying “I am not sure my agent understands what we actually do,” and there is concern about being properly insured.

Unfortunately, too often companies are not properly insured when it comes to their operations. Your agency and agent needs to truly understand the scope of your work and most importantly your liability issues.

To address these concerns and meet the demand for specialized service in this niche, Snapp & Associates has launched a full-service stand alone division dedicated to the live entertainment industry: Snapp Entertainment. With over 25 years of experience in the live entertainment space, Snapp Entertainment team members are actually from the entertainment industry and work to protect the people, companies and events that make the entertainment industry great. It is the combination of this real world experience, paired with the insurance expertise that they are able to properly classify your operation and place your company with a true entertainment carrier to properly insure your risk and anticipate potential issues with all aspects of the business in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Production Companies (audio, video, staging, lighting)
  • Event Management
  • Event Producers and Planners
  • Promoters & Venues
  • Special Events
Brent Walla

Helmed by industry veteran Brent Walla, Snapp Entertainment is focused on ensuring that clients are covered and classified correctly. As a former professional in the live entertainment space, Walla understands his clients’ operations and their risks, translating insurance policy language into an operational language that clients actually speak and understand. Expert agents specializing in this niche such as Robin Niehaus, along with an entire support team, round out the group.

One of the first things Snapp Entertainment will do when working with a potential client is examining their existing coverages and policies. Too often, companies that specialize in entertainment production are mis-classified by their brokers into any number of subsets: Construction, low voltage electricians, electronic equipment installers, etc. The Snapp Entertainment team will immediately flag any areas where a company is opening itself to risk being misclassified on its policies.

Walla and his team is dedicated to matching each client with the right carrier — one that actually fully covers and has knowledge of the risk management issues associated with these scale of their operations or events. A knowledgeable broker such as those with Snapp Entertainment will ensure you are matched with the right entertainment carrier for your needs.

Beyond policies and coverage, the Snapp Entertainment team uses its experience to make sure you are utilizing best practices with your vendors and clients. How long has it been since the last time you reviewed your policy to make sure your standard operating procedures are meeting the requirements of your insurance policies? Are your contracts worded correctly to minimize your risk and exposure to loss or denial of a claim?

Snapp Entertainment works with its clients and to review coverages to ensure they are adequate and up-to-date and where needed, recommending outside legal review when needed for technical questions. Snapp also maintains an active membership in both the The Event Safety AllianceĀ® (ESA), a non-profit trade association of live event industry professionals committed to eliminating unsafe behaviors and conditions throughout the industry and the San Diego Event Coalition, a non-profit organization that focuses on the needs and challenges of the live events industry locally in San Diego.

Finally, one of the most important things Snapp Entertainment does with clients is review changes to the marketplace and new risks either not previously considered to be an issue or those requiring new riders or additional coverage because of changes in the underwriting landscape. On an ongoing basis, the team understands ever-changing client operations and how to properly insure them. Ā Log on to to learn more.

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