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TeleMedicine Provides Quick Access, Streamlined Medical Care for Workplace Injuries

Injuries happen in every workplace. No matter how many procedures and policies are in place and how much training you may hold to prevent injuries, they happen — People are human.

Injuries on the job often result in workers’ compensation insurance claims, which can be a time-consuming and expensive process — for both the injured employee and employer. Common workers’ compensation injuries come from things like slips/trips/falls, overexertion (pulling or pushing something), transportation incidents or accidents and machinery malfunction/misuse situations.

For restaurant and bar owners, it is extremely likely that one of these injuries will happen outside of regular business hours where most clinics and doctors’ offices are closed. Many injuries may require immediate medical attention and a trip to the emergency room for evaluation is often the first step, frequently resulting in large medical bills and mounds of paperwork when it comes to moving forward with a claim.

What if there was a way to evaluate workplace injuries immediately and begin a course of treatment best suited to the situation without leaving the job site? The growth in TeleMedicine (receiving medical care or information via remote device) is giving employers that option.

Snapp & Associates hospitality clients with policies from Preferred Employers Insurance now have access to MedCall Advisors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no charge.


Through a proprietary app, employees injured on the job have real-time, instant access to a physician Board Certified in Emergency Medicine who can evaluate the situation, speak with them via video call, receive pictures from the scene and determine the best course of action — Even referring them to a specialist or connecting the employee to 911 if needed for an ambulance.

Patient care is streamlined and coordinated through the MedCall Advisors app, with patients having the ability to follow up with the on-call doctor up to 7 days after the accident, further reducing time out of the office for return office or clinic visits. English and Spanish language versions of the app help ensure all staff members can effectively call for help at any time, without waiting for a translator or transport to a medical facility.

Using an on-call app such as this provides a number of benefits to Snapp & Associates hospitality clients, such as:

– Reducing absenteeism

– Reducing lost time with employees waiting at a clinic for care

– Streamlining claims administration and paperwork

– Getting employees healthy and back to work faster

– Showcasing employer concern for employee well being

– Giving employees a sense of ownership over their care

Interested in learning more about MedCall Advisors and getting an employer’s setup guide? Contact your Snapp & Associates broker or call (619) 908-3100 today.

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