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Turns Out Father Really Does Know Best!

Dad with his two sons laughingAh, dads…Those never ending fountains of advice and guidance on everything from sports and cars to money and life. How many times did you think your dad reallyknew best? Were you more likely to shrug at some of his ridiculous suggestions? Well, just like the 1950s sitcom, turns out you should listen up — because sometimes your father was right all along:

You have to put in the work: Whether Ward Cleaver or Mike Brady, every classic TV dad always imparts the need for hard work in their kids. You’re not going to make the team or score the winning run without putting in the work first and the same is often true in business. You might need to burn some midnight oil to move up the ladder or take the time for additional licenses or certifications to advance your career. Dad always said “Do Your Best” and to do so takes some work!

Be honest: Remember when you and your friends were playing baseball in the street and you smashed a baseball through Mrs. Smith’s window next door? Dad likely made you fess up, come over and apologize and offer to pay for or work off the repairs. In your business, always be transparent and honest with clients and co-workers and it will undoubtably lead to a more harmonious overall environment.

Laugh at yourselfDads inevitably tell bad jokes...really bad jokes. But, they don’t care if no one laughs at the punchline but them; the joy is in spreading humor and the ability to not take yourself so seriously. Even in the most professional of work environments, it’s OK to let a little levity in from time to time and let your employees see a bit of your funny side – it can really boost team spirit!

Know what you are spending your money on: Dad may have been the one that helped you open your first savings account or provided guidance when you began a babysitting or lawn service building. You would often hear “Make Every Penny Count!” when deciding how to spend that hard-earned money. That lesson translates perfectly to business and personal financial management when it is critical to manage cash flow and expenses. If you haven’t become proficient in an accounting management tool like QuickBooks or invested in a full time CPA or consulting firm, do it! You’ll be happy to have a sense of where your money goes.

Measure twice, cut once: OK, truly more of a carpenter saying but if you’ve ever built a treehouse or soapbox racer with your dad, you’ve probably heard this adage coming out of his mouth. Its origins are simple: You don’t want to waste valuable lumber by cutting the wrong size piece rendering it unusable for the project at hand. In life, you often only get one chance to make the right ‘cut’ when it comes to career, family or money, so be sure to ‘measure’ your options carefully before you make the leap!

Believe in yourself: Considering being your own boss? Contemplating a career change that requires additional education? Want to shake up your sector with a revolutionary way of doing things? Go for it! Believe in yourself and your ideas — If it doesn’t work out, you can always do something else. Nothing is forever except death and taxes!

Aim for respect, not fear: Sherif fAndy Taylor on “The Andy Griffith Show” never carried a gun. He often told his son that he didn’t want people to fear the gun, rather that they respect him and his authority. Dads always try to teach their children to respect others and their parents and in the long run respect is a much more powerful emotion than fear.


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